Hopefully I’ll now have the day right for my posts!

My posts appeared to have a day (timezone) outside NZ. Consequently the day was not always right for my posts.

Under Settings (bottom left), in the Site Timezone (bottom of the image below), you can choose the city you live in.

Remember Auckland comes under Pacific! You may need to scroll up.

Remember to save your settings (top right of the page in blue).


Under Writing (top of the page) I clicked on Date and Time Format and put

l, F j, Y g:i a

in the Custom box and Saved the settings.


Hopefully the Day/Time will be right from now on 🙂

Sadly it looks like previous times will not be correct 😦

My previous two posts have a time stamp in the morning- before my workshop had even started!

Does anyone know how to correct this?


I got my first comment!

The tutor teaching the Building a computer workshop left my first comment on my previous post.

Thank you for leaving me my first comment in my blog Alex.

I told Alex that I had never even taken the cover off a computer before the workshop today. Oops, update Sunday: early this morning I remembered that last century, likely over 20 years ago while on one month’s TRL (Technical Refresher Leave) at a computer company to evaluate educational software, one day I spent some time putting extra RAM into some new computers.

I do not think I was masking my IT skills (as Alex, the tutor who commented on my blog, claims) in the workshop.

Alex was aware I had taught computer skills at AUT (for over 21 years) and had taught at Auckland University for a couple of years.

He was also aware that I had taught computer courses at other tertiary places as well but probably didn’t know the names: CIBT (Cornell Institute of Business and Technology) and NZSE (New Zealand School of Education).

You can also add to the list the following secondary schools that I probably did not mention: Avondale College (maths, computer studies), Epsom Girls Grammar School (computer studies), and Massey High School (maths).

I don’t think I was masking my IT skills Alex!

An interesting workshop.

It is great that Ames is providing these free four-hour workshops.



Just kidding Alex 🙂

I just couldn’t resist this.

Don’t mask your sense of humour 😉

Here’s a peace offering:


However if you feel a need for a mask, here are some gifts for you:

I built a PC!

I have just got home from building a PC!

First in the class we stripped down a PC until only the case was left.

We then separated the fan from the CPU, cleaned off the old and applied new thermal paste, then rebuilt the PC again. Fortunately it still worked 🙂

Only 3 people turned up out of the 9 who had booked for the free 4-hour class.

Sadly the class did not get off to a quick start. The tutor (Alex) insisted on waiting around for 15 minutes in case some more students turned up.

No one else turned up. Fortunately we still has 3/4 of an hour left after we had completed the work.