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BlogEpitaphMy name is Alan Grace. I live in Titirangi (Auckland, New Zealand). Titirangi is known for its bush, beaches, and Titirangi village.

Presently I am just trying out WordPress.
This is my first post since I last tried WordPress years ago.

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Web page and WordPress workshop

Today (Wednesday) I went to a free 4-hour workshop (1-5pm) at Ames in Auckland. Thank you Ames for offering this workshop.

I booked for this workshop on the Eventbrite website. Look on this site for all sorts of events. I like to look at the free events 🙂

The workshop covered html (language that web pages use) including an introduction to CSS= Cascading style sheets) and also an introduction to WordPress.

Usually I use the free SharePoint Designer editor for creating and editing my web pages. Sadly it looks like support for this may have ended some time ago. I still use it.

An interesting exercise was making a picture appear animated. I used the picture on the right below for this. Later at home I added an “animated” version of my own picture (left below) to my website Click on this link to see the result.

After CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) was introduced, I mentioned the CSS Zen garden website to the tutor. See CSS Zen Garden: The Beauty of CSS Design. This site shows how CSS can be applied by designers to the same text to produce amazing results. Click the designs on the right hand side of the site to see the effects.

Towards the end of the workshop WordPress was introduced.

At the time I was interested in seeing how WordPress could be used to create a website (historically and still primarily WordPress is used for blogging). I tried to get around the word blog being part of my website name.

I was only interested in a free site. I discovered that if the word “blog” is not available, WordPress would offer a site with “site” as part of the name instead. I chose this option and deleted my “blog”‘ named site. Deleted names cannot be used again.

This blog resulted from the workshop.

On Friday I am attending another workshop to build a PC and next month a free Augmented Reality workshop.Workshop

You may wish to attend these free workshops as well.

Exploring WordPress

On Thursday I spent a little time exploring WordPress. In particular since this blog is my journey, I wanted to have an option (preferred) to see the posts in chronological order (from oldest to newest) rather than seeing the usual revere chronological order (most recent first).

I also wanted my first post to be always at the top (a ‘sticky’ post) so that there were links to view the blog in chronological order.

Since these have already been mentioned , this will be a brief post.

I also looked at different themes to see which one met my needs best.

The next post, Getting Started, looks at my requirements and choice.

I hope you like the theme I have chosen (Highwind).

Getting Started in WordPress

My second and third posts were just put in to see how a few themes worked for me in WordPress. I had a few things on my wishlist. I wanted to be able to:

  1. Have a menu that only had the first letter of each word in Capitals. I hate seeing menu items with all the letters in capitals. I had to accept with my current theme that my name would appear in capitals sadly.
  2. I wanted to choose a free theme. (already this item and the previous item ruled out most themes).
  3. I wanted to have my first post always appear at the top of the first page. This meant my theme had to have “sticky” posts. I explored using widgets to have instructions in a separate column but found not all themes allowed this to be done easily.
  4. I wanted all or at least much of each post to appear on the screen the first time it was looked at.
  5. I wanted a simple theme with only 1-2 columns.
  6. I did not want too much screen real estate to be used up at the top of the page. The third theme I eventually chose (Highwind) was a little compromise but at least the menu items were always visible as I scrolled down the page (on a desktop machine).
  7. Since part of the reason for this blog was to help others learn from my journey, I wanted to be able to view posts in chronological order as well as the usual reverse chronological order. I discovered this was not theme dependent.
  8. Infinite Scroll. I wanted more posts to load automatically when the “bottom” of the page was reached.
  9. Group blog. I wanted a number of people to be able to contribute to the blog. It sounds like many themes have this feature.

Workshop: Building a PC

Today (Friday) I am going to a workshop at Ames in Auckland to build a PC.

I am not a hardware person, so today should be interesting.

I note that Dates in these posts appear to be related to a US time zone so the date may sometimes be a day early in some of my posts (NZ date).

I will update this post after the workshop.

I will also be attending the Augmented reality workshop next month.

Click on the picture below for more info about more events advertised on the Eventbrite site.


Neighbourly and social media

I do not have a great deal of interest in social media. My Facebook page is seldom updated and neither is my LinkedIn page. I have no interest in tweeting (Twitter) or most other social media websites.

The exceptions are Neighbourly (see below under ‘Continue Reading’), and recently WordPress (here!).

Why I do not recommend Neighbourly

Update about my Facebook posts.

Tweeting should be for left for Tweety bird/ Tweety Pie (not Twump).

Tweety bird “I Taut I Taw a Puddy Tat.”

Maybe Tweety bird would say “I Taut I Taw a Puddy T*at” (looking at Trump).




What’s the difference between Tweety Bird and Trump?

  • Tweety bird has a better hairdo
    (Trump should try feathers instead of hair)
  • Tweety bird might like coffee but Trump prefers covfefe

This blog is my first real attempt at blogging.

One social media website that I spend some time on is Neighbourly.

Neighbourly is a free NZ suburb-based website where all members are address-verified and must use their real names.

The rest of this post will introduce you to Neighbourly.

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