Withdrawal Symptoms

Question:  How would we feel if we no longer belonged to Neighbourly?


Withdrawal Symptoms (Apologies to the Beatles)

Neighbourly, I’m double the man I used to be
There’s Neighbourly hanging over me.
Oh, I do grieve for Neighbourly

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Farewell Robyn (Neighbourly, Titirangi)


Robyn has been sacked as a Titirangi Lead and is no longer on Neighbourly ūüė¶

Robyn, it is sad to see you go. We will miss you. Or rather almost all of us will.

Your departure from Neighbourly saddens most of us.


Update: Robyn is a member again but is not a Lead … more info


Robyn, You have made a massive contribution to Neighbourly. No air quotes needed here.

You have spent your time helping to grow Neighbourly in Titirangi and Nearby Neighbourhoods in West Auckland.

You became a member of Neighbourly close to when Neighbourly began.

I believe you were the first or second Lead, and an inaugural member.

You have personally invited over 300 people to Neighbourly, at least 315 from memory.

You gave your valuable time to help members, like the one who had her fridge repaired but the repairman didn’t solve the problem … more info.

As a lawyer your time is particularly valuable.


I hope after all your time and effort, you do not grieve for Neighbourly.

You may like to read this poem that I posted in the Leads Forum a couple of years ago when I was a Lead myself.


Neighbourly members, feel free to leave a comment for Robyn if you wish.

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