Competition #4

The usual rules apply for this competition. See the previous competition for the rules.

Don’t post any answers here. Email your answers to Alan one question at a time.

Q1. Without taking your pen off the paper, draw four straight  lines going through all the nine dots below:




Q2. A farmer has 10 trees that he wants to plant in five straight rows with four trees in each row. How can he do this?


Q3. I have six matchsticks. How can I make 4 triangles?


Q4. I have six matchsticks. How can I arrange them so that every matchstick touches every other matchstick?

Good luck.



Comparison of the first two Competitions

Please make sure you try the (original) Competition and the (second) New Competition before you read this post.

A person has stated on Neighbourly (referring to me) that “Now you have dumbed your quiz down to treat everyone as they are in fact lacking the required skills to participate.”

How dumb it that? I’ll let you decide after you have tried both competitions. Maybe she would have come to a different opinion if she had actually tried the competitions?

Maybe Forrest Gump is wiser?

The second competition is not a dumbed down version of the original competition.

Don’t read any more until you have tried the competitions!

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