What a dumb idea: Auckland Council wheels out new rubbish bin service. What do you think?

Have you read the latest (August) “OUR AUCKLAND”? Look at P4.
Auckland council is going to use the old blue/yellow wheelie bins for rubbish collection. Are we supposed to leave our sticky rotting rubbish in the bin for at least two weeks until it is full?

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Johny Andersen lost his hand after accident late last year

Johny Andersen is my niece’s partner. They have recently had a new baby (last month).

His accident late last year will be featured on Code: 1 on TV1 at 8.00pm this Monday (31 July).

There is also an article about Johny and Wendy in the Woman’s Day July 24 2017 pp 36-37.

Also see: http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/national-news/88140243/Sawmill-workers-hand-amputated-after-planer-incident-in-Thames

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More about joining The Cat’s PAJAMAS (aka the K-Plus group)

Are you interested in joining The Cat’s PAJAMAS (Pets, Animals, Jokes, Anecdotes, Musings, Amusements, & Sayings)?

This group is a private Google+ Group that is free to join (and has no membership fee) for anyone in New Zealand.

Please use your real name (not a pseudonym) when joining the group.

To join the group, see Part A and part B below.
Use Part A to create a free Gmail address (if you do not already have one).
See Part B to request to join the group (just two clicks).

Below is a link to the current page (in my blog) if you wish to email it to anyone that you think may like to join the group:


To join the group, see Part A and part B below.

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Gifting Circles- Stay away from these!

Yes, stay away from these. They are pyramid schemes.


See: lightworkersworld.com – The Top 10 Reasons NOT to Join a Women’s Gifting Circle | Lightworkersworld
and http://www.nzherald.co.nz/personal-finance/news/article.cfm?c_id=12&objectid=11468106

Also see: http://www.crimes-of-persuasion.com/Crimes/InPerson/MajorPerson/pyramid_clubs.htm


The scheme may not work exactly as I have described below but the info should show why you should not “invest” in these schemes.

You need to remember that very dollar earned from these schemes comes from someone else.

For someone to get eight times their initial “investment/ Gift”, fourteen more people must join. Another 14 must join for each person in the bottom row to get their return (8x). See the picture below. Clearly this cannot be maintained.


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