AAAmazing: Alan Grace’s ‘First’ post (always at the top)

BlogEpitaphMy name is Alan Grace. I live in Titirangi (Auckland, New Zealand). Titirangi is known for its bush, beaches, and Titirangi village.

Presently I am just trying out WordPress.
This is my first post since I last tried WordPress years ago.

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The Last Post

I have now documented some of the evidence I have regarding Neighbourly.

It is time for you to look at the evidence yourself and come to your own conclusions.

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Neighbourly’s hard-line approach suggests anything may be on the cards.
Whaddya think?

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[Final DRAFT] Open letter to the CEO of Fairfax Media; Comments please :)

Alan Grace
21 August 2017

Open letter to:     The CEO of Fairfax Media


Dear Sir

Concerns about Neighbourly

[Final DRAFT: Please email me any changes you think may make improve this letter]

View the pdf version of this open letter. Please read the disclaimer.

I understand that Fairfax Media has at least a 45% shareholding in Neighbourly.

I further understand (or at least hope) that Fairfax may be unaware of the members’ concerns throughout the country.

I have written this letter under my name alone to prevent Neighbourly from kicking out more members.

I am writing this letter to make you aware of Neighbourly members’ concerns regarding:

  • Ads on the Neighbourly Noticeboard: Recently even a single business ad on the Noticeboard means no member posts can be seen
  • The sacking of Leads and kicking members out
  • The lack of interest of the Neighbourly Team in resolving issues/ bugs on Neighbourly
  • The hard-line approach of the Neighbourly Team
  • The number of members according to the Neighbourly Team being considerably more than that recorded on the site (over 15% more apparently)

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