Competition (#1)- starts midday Friday 23 June

How well can you answer these question?

Remember to include the question with each answer when you email your answer to Alan. Don’t post any answers here.

Link to the puzzle questions


  1. Email your answers one at a time (anytime after the questions have a link above) to me using my Contact page.
  2. You must start with question 1 and answer each question in order. i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6.
  3. You cannot try the next question until Alan confirms you have got your current question right (starting with question 1).
  4. You must include the question with your answer (copy and paste the question).
  5. Alan’s answers are final (unless you can prove him wrong).
  6. There is not a prize (only bragging rights and a certificate). Daud and Fiona have generously provided a picture of a chocolate fish with a bite out of the end if you would like one :).
  7. No cheating from the Internet.
  8. Don’t post any answers here.

Good luck- the answers are not obvious to most people.

Enjoy 🙂




Ode to Frosty

The Ode to Frosty is at the bottom of this post. Frosty is a girl toddler fridge, less than three years old. Look here for the Final Chapter.

A Neighbourly member posted in Neighbourly (see a previous post of mine about Neighbourly in this blog) about the issues she as having with the repair of her fridge. A repairman, Glenn (very difficult to locate his last name) from R & G Appliance Services , came and replaced the thermostat but did not come back at the time arranged when the problem still remained. He did come back another time after I contacted him twice on the phone.

The fridge is less than three years old. It is out of its initial two year warranty. Sadly no one including the retailer (Wingates Betta Electrical, New Lynn), Fisher and Paykel (F & P, manufacturer of the fridge) or Glenn told the owner that there was a five year warranty on the sealed unit.

I believe Glenn has claimed to the owner (at least twice) that he is an authorised F & P Repairer; F & P have denied this.

Fisher and Paykel have claimed that the five-year warranty has been voided because the repair has been done by a non-authorised repairer.

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